Welcome to my blog. ♥
Inspired by:
"Coma White" by Marilyn Manson
& "Pure Morning" by Placebo

This blog is entirely dedicated to Marilyn Manson & Placebo fans because these bands are my own personal drug.

Here you'll find a collection of gifs, pictures, quotes, fan art & more from all eras of both bands!

I love messages & requests so don't be shy!

I work hard on my gifs, so please don't steal & re-upload, or I'll have to report you because it's not nice & I wouldn't do it to you.

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Follow & Enjoy, freaks.
Cheers. ♥ Xx. - Ashley


♥ I know you love the blog, but not the blogger. ♥

Just another nancy boy ~

Just another nancy boy ~

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