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Inspired by:
"Coma White" by Marilyn Manson
& "Pure Morning" by Placebo

This blog is entirely dedicated to Marilyn Manson & Placebo fans because these bands are my own personal drug.

Here you'll find a collection of gifs, pictures, quotes, fan art & more from all eras of both bands!

I love messages & requests so don't be shy!

I work hard on my gifs, so please don't steal & re-upload, or I'll have to report you because it's not nice & I wouldn't do it to you.

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Released Sept 14th in Australia & Sept. 15th everywhere else.So if you’re an Aussie, apologies ;PxStill my favourite MM album.

Released Sept 14th in Australia & Sept. 15th everywhere else.
So if you’re an Aussie, apologies ;P

Still my favourite MM album.

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Anonymous asked: J'adore ton blog! I think it's going to take long to visit it... Thank you for all your gifs, Brian is so cute! *-*

Aw thank you !! ^__^ 

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His Italian side comes out when he talks with his hands so much <3  

His Italian side comes out when he talks with his hands so much <3  

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Anonymous asked: seriously I love your blog an unbelievable amount but will you quit taking other people's pictures and reposting them without credit? from instagram and even from here. it doesn't take but a few seconds to just credit them in the description (or reblog...)

Lol I don’t take any pictures from here, I find them on my Facebook in numerous Placebo FB groups. 

PEOPLE STEAL MY GIFS ALL THE TIME with no credit, I don’t steal any pics from other people’s blogs, all pics I post, I find on Facebook.

Have you ever posted a professional Placebo pic on your blog?
No? didn’t think so.
So no, I won’t not post pictures I like I find in *PUBLIC* Placebo FB groups.
If that pisses you off, then unfollow me.

NUMEROUS people save and reupload my gifs constantly, as if you’re even complaining about this to me, try doing it off ANON next time.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I would like to know what's your interpretation of "Tourniquet" by Marilyn Manson? Your blog is awesome! :)

Thank you! :)
And my own interpretation? WELL, here we go!
Overall? I think the song is about an unhealthy relationship of two emotionally unavailable people trying to get their needs met… 

"she comes on like a crippled play thing" 
a person that only finds self worth from sex, making up for the lack of emotional needs being met

"spine is just a string" 
IMO, a metaphor for a lack of spine, backbone, referring to his or her’s inability to stand up for himself/herself in the relationship

"I wrapped our love in all this foil,
silver-tight like spider legs”

Wrapping their love in a silver lining as if they were going to preserve the first stage of their relationship which some people look at as the ‘best’ where romance is at an all time high

I never wanted it to ever spoil
but flies will always lay their eggs”
but things change as they always do with time and their initial love rotted away by not properly dealing with their relationship as it progressed

"Take your hatred out on me
make your victim my head
you never ever believed in me
I am your tourniquet”

Manson is playing the victim.
'Treat me like I'm nothing so that you'll feel better about yourself. I'll put up with it because I care for you that much…

Tourniquet is an important valve in your heart, without it you’d be dead. It’s a metaphor. He’s letting her treat him like shit because this female he’s with needs to do that to function.

‘I am your tourniquet’…. And he is continuing to serve and look after all of her ‘emotional’ wounds from who knows what (referencing: she’s made of hair and bone and little teeth, —-> and things I cannot speak<—-) 

ultimately believing that she’d die without him being her crutch of emotional/mental/physical abuse. He has an incessant need to feel wanted/needed (referencing: if it hurts, just tell me, preserve the innocenceas she needs support/a crutch, (once again referencing "spine is just a string”). She acts like this source of power over him, when really she is just as fragile as him.

BAM! I hope that all made sense.

This is all just my opinion, of course. 
I had time between uni studying, so I hoped you enjoyed that breakdown. :P  All GOOD lyrics can be taken in 100 different ways, this is just mine. x

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